For nearly 20 years, Jim Anthony has been creating and performing inspirational music with a positive outlook on life. Back in 2007, Jim was forced to hit pause on his work as a musician while he addressed some health concerns that kept him away from stages and recording studios. Nonetheless, he managed to turn what could have been a bleak time into an exciting opportunity by embracing a new perspective and purpose.
During his pause, Jim refocused his attention on cultivating his recent experiences into inspiring songs and stories with the likes of "Better Day" and “Where I Am”.
As soon as he could return to the stage, Jim began to share the stories behind his powerful and personal songs to audiences. The responses were so overwhelming that he decided to continue sharing his message as a public speaker catering to conferences, organizations and churches.
Lately, Jim has combined his work as a critically acclaimed musician and dynamic speaker. The result is an entertaining event that is filled with inspirational hope and passion. Who couldn’t use a dose of that?